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KnowPisces Scope November 28 – 29, 2022

Pisces, what do you really wish for? Over the next few days we’ll be experiencing Mars (planet of action) harmoniously connecting with Saturn (career, structures, physical manifestation). This could feel like full circle moments, new ideas and overcoming challenges – especially when it comes to making practical moves in the world. Pisces, the Moon is also going to shift into your magical sign. Here, the universe is inviting you to really own your dreams. If there were no limitations on what you think you can achieve, what would you really want in this life? Pisces, let your imagination run wild, and witness what arises. While doing so, try your best to feel how you would actually feel in those particular situations; the specific flavor of happiness, joy, contentment and so on. Tapping into such energy signatures can be a very powerful manifestation tool.

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KnowPisces October ’22 Scope

Key Themes: self-esteem, social group, long-term goals, “memento mori”, closure

Pisces, Mercury retrograde has challenged you to reassess issues of cooperation, compromise, and respect in relationships. What did you learn over the past three weeks, Pisces? It’s time to methodically integrate these lessons to improve your relationships as Mercury in Virgo goes direct on October 2nd. When the planet of Communication re-enters diplomatic Libra on October 10th, remember the power of your breath for calming the mind and bringing grace to the dark parts of your psyche, especially when others mirror your vulnerabilities. Mercury’s transit in Libra until November 29th is also a great time to balance your shared financial ventures.

Retrograde season continues to wane as Pluto in Capricorn stations direct on October 8th, after a 6-month retrograde in your sector of friendships and future goals. Pisces, have your attitudes towards your social group and long-term goals transformed since the Spring? With Pluto retrograde, you may have reconnected to a deeper sense of mission, and as the planet of Transformation slowly begins direct motion, be discerning of people who empower the vision you have for the world from those who steal away your power.

Luna shines in its fullest expression on October 9th with the fiery Full Moon in Aries, illuminating your sector of money and self-esteem. With this Full Moon, celebrate the times you’ve acted courageously and leaped outside your comfort zone since April 2022. Every lesson learned from each step made to claim your self-worth is a valuable asset for your inner warrior.

After a 5-month retrograde, Saturn in progressive Aquarius stations direct on October 23rd. With Saturn retrograde, you may have felt a heightened weight of your subconscious fears and perceived limitations. Pisces, what did you learn about taking responsibility for your emotions? What helps you feel safe to let go and surrender? Pisces, the weight of the world was never yours to hold in the first place. With Saturn direct, consider integrating structures for containing and grounding your vast sensitivity and psychic energy.

A few hours later, both Venus and the Sun enter fellow water sign Scorpio, activating your sector of travel and philosophy. It’s Scorpio season until November 22nd, Pisces! As the Scorpio Sun merges with the planet of Love and Connection, you may have an increased desire for passionate encounters, perhaps even foreign or unusual sexual experiences that invigorate the intensity of the present moment.

This crystallizes with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in magnetic Scorpio on October 25th. How would it feel if you lived every moment as your last? What would be of utmost importance to you, Pisces? This New Moon provides a powerful portal to weave these answers into the fabric of your life’s philosophy. As Pema Chodron wrote, “To live is to be willing to die over and over again.” The Scorpio New Moon also coincides with the Lunar Samhain, a day in which the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. Our unity to all there implies that we are living not just for us, but also for those who came before us, Pisces. When Mercury enters witchy Scorpio on October 29th through November 17th, “memento mori” can be a transformative omen to clarify your priorities and sharpen the meaning of your existence.

Your traditional ruler Jupiter retrogrades into imaginative Pisces on October 29th, activating your sector of personality until December 20th. While you’ve been expanding your self-confidence, Jupiter retrograde provides an opportunity to bring closure to old ways of projecting your self-image. Pisces, you are highly adaptable to the energies around you, so much so that you may get confused about who you are at times. Imagine how abundant it would feel if you had faith that you are loved, no matter what?

From October 30th through January 12th, 2023, Mars stations for its first of three retrogrades in Gemini in your sector of home and family. Intellectual Gemini challenges your easy-going nature and, with Mars retrograde, you may find it difficult to assert yourself in productive ways in your domestic environment. Pisces, how does your body tell you when your boundaries have been crossed and that you need to protect yourself and your loved ones? Pay attention to these cues from your nervous system during this Mars transit.

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About Pisces

Element: Water

Mode: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy & Jupiter, the Planet of Luck

Where Youll Find Them: In their own world, at an artist gallery, writing a song

What They Avoid: Predictability, structure, societal expectations

Pisces, the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, is all about connecting with depth and the subconscious. As a Water sign, Pisces is profoundly emotional, sensitive and intuitive. Pisces are known for their big hearts, full of love and compassion. They tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve, unlike the more guarded Water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Pisces is the ultimate dreamer, often floating off into their own world when the realworld gets too overbearing. With Pisces, theres so much more than what meets the eye. Pisces can play tricks on your mind due to their adaptability, which is why theyre symbolized by the Fish.

Pisces are artists, healers and mystical being, so they dont often gravitate towards conventional career paths. They’d ideally not even want to work at all, because Pisces understand that life is meant for being more than just a rat race. Life’s meant to be felt and experienced fully, and Pisces is too often aware of how easily desensitized and disconnected human beings can be. Thats why many Pisces use art as their outlet theyre able to remind everyone of our collective humanity and our transcendent talents.

If you want to be friends with a Pisces, be prepared to deal with their unpredictable nature and occasional moodiness. Pisces doesnt do that well when it comes to being on time or continuing a super long stream of conversation, and that can lead to people feeling like Pisces is irresponsible or flakey, when in reality theyre just doing their own thing. Pisces is a loyal, caring, intuitive friend who often knows whats going on with a loved one just by looking at them in their eyes. There is a darker side of Pisces in friendship, though, one that Pisces may at times try to deny. Pisces can be an all-consuming friend, and there are moments when jealousy or envy gets the best of them. Piscesmission is to learn to accept each and everyone of their feelings they arent goodor bad” — theyre just what they feel. The more they resist their feelings, the stronger their feelings become.

A Pisces in love is a beautiful sight, as long as the relationship isnt a toxic one. As the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, Pisces tends to have a savior-complex in relationships, and this can lead to them being overly self-sacrificing and compromising, to their own detriment. Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, they can sometimes idealize their lovers or put them on a pedestal. They also dont always let go of unhealthy unions, causing them to go through more pain than necessary. Alternatively, once Pisces becomes more aware of their inner strength, theyll be able to transcend toxic unions and attract soul-stirring, mutually beneficial, transformative connections. Once Pisces fully trusts their lover, they invite them into their orgasmic world, and nothing is ever the same.