Taurus, give your mind some rest. This weekend the moon enters its home sign of Cancer. There couldn’t be a bigger sign from the cosmos that it’s time to slow it down, turn inwards and nurture ourselves. When the moon is in Cancer, our emotional realms take precedence. Themes of self-love, emotional safe space and comfort become the things that matter most. As the collective experiences heightened empathy over the next few days, a certain softness arises – the perfect conditions for peacemaking. Taurus, this illuminates your sector of mental understanding, revealing a need for you to chill. You’ve been overthinking lately, overanalyzing, and catastrophizing the worst possible outcomes. This is one of the surest ways to invite these exact fears into your life, so this has to change. Slow your mind down this weekend by diving into the activities that bring you peace. Gardening, cooking – whatever floats your boat. If anxious thoughts arise, gently acknowledge them. Remind yourself of why they’re not true, before letting them dissolve. By practicing this, you’ll break the habit.