Love is in the air…  and on our minds. Taurus, this weekend we have a major unearthing of all things emotion, love and intimacy. A Venus and Moon conjunction in Scorpio invites us to enter the depths of our intimate relationships and emotional realms. Taurus, you’re being hit with even more of that exposing Scorpio energy that’s been following you in the last few months. Because it’s your opposite sign, you might be particularly uncomfortable having this spotlight on your relationships – but trust that it’s all for a higher purpose. Scorpio invites us to feel every ounce of our emotional being with intensified awareness, so that we might see the truth. Today, lean into your emotions. You’ve put your guard up – why? Use the cosmic energies to perform an objective analys­­is on how you’re intimately relating to others. Which of your beliefs in this realm serve you… and which are you ready to shed?