Taurus, heal. We have a major few days, with Pluto stationing direct, right before a powerful Aries Full Moon. This moon could feel intense, as it meets with Chiron. We’re reminded here that we’re all on a healing journey. Nothing in life is ‘perfect,’ nor is it meant to be. Rather, the hidden perfection is in the fact that we are always evolving with the seasons and cycles. Taurus, if emotions like grief or frustration arise, sit with them gently. This energy activates your sector of spiritual connection, making it a powerful portal. Maybe you’ve been harsh on yourself lately, or simply not as self-loving as you could be. This moon asks you to quieten down your expectations, judgements and anxieties about the trajectory of your life: to instead sit with yourself, in loving presence, and to just be. You are a child of the universe, so loved and supported. There’s nothing you need to do, and nowhere you need to be. All is well.