Taurus, tap into your long-term plan this weekend. On Friday, we start the day with the Moon joining forces with Pluto, offering you the empowerment you need to trust life, explore new emotions, and come out of your comfort zone knowing that you’ve got yourself. By nightfall the Sun gets ready to say goodbye to Taurus, giving way to Gemini Season.  For the next month, the Sun will be shining a light on the resources at your disposal, your need for security, mundane pleasures, your values and your self-worth. On Saturday, Mercury enters the heart of the Sun, and it’s a good day to sleep in, rest, meditate, do whatever makes you feel more at ease. Follow the flow of your energy to see where it wants to take you. Sunday brings the Waning Quarter Moon in Pisces, and your authentic nature will be nudging at you. Give it some space to roam free. Remember that the best relationships are where you have enough space to express, exchange and live your own truths.