Taurus, you’ve been dreaming of greener pastures. How about you start planting them? The Moon’s in Capricorn on Friday and Saturday, making the weekend’s mood more serious and practical. Then on Sunday, the Moon’s shift into Aquarius helps us lighten up as we prepare to round out the month. Taurus, you’ll find yourself strategizing about ways to completely revamp your life for the better. For example, many Taurus placements are plotting to live off the grid, grow their own food, and build a co-op with those they love. If there’s anyone who can fulfill such a mission right now, it’s you. Uranus, the Planet of Revolution, is in your sign until 2026, reminding you of your transformative and innovative talents. Sunday’s Aquarius Moon can lead to you having an “aha!” moment that helps you specifically map out game-changing moves. Trust yourself and go for it.