Taurus, your hard work is paying off. We’re nearing the new astro year and the cosmos is appropriately turning up the magic, synchronicity and expansion. If you’ve had the feeling you’ve put in the work, but aren’t yet where you’d like to be – there’s a message here for you Taurus. All of your diligence, kindness and tenacity will be rewarded. Sometimes the universe creates a path of obstacles, blocks and challenges – simply so that you can truly refine your desires, and deepen your wisdom along the way. Over the next few days, Venus and the Lunar North Node are in your sign, forming a harmonious connection with Saturn. Here, there’s a reminder that you’re already creating the life of your dreams. Each choice you make with self-loving intention brings you that much closer to a blissful existence as your baseline. This auspicious cosmic signature will also heighten your awareness of the possibilities, opportunities and beauty that already surrounds you. Enjoy.