Taurus, pay attention to the changes you’re experiencing and to the things you’re moved to express. Friday’s energy invites us to look at what’s missing in the grand scheme of things in order to be more responsive within our day-to-day lives, and the conversations we have on Saturday may affect the course of our life path on a soul level, so pay attention. On Sunday, the Moon unites with Venus, which entered the sign of Gemini earlier this week in your area of resources and self-worth, activating this theme that will be present until July 17th. For you, this time is about feeding your self-worth on a daily basis. Tap into your riches, the ones that are at your fingertips, and the ones that you’ve got to dig a little deeper to connect to. How can you nourish them? It’s always nice to share what you’ve got with another. But if this isn’t available, don’t wait. Make time for some loving, nurturing and intimate moments with yourself.