Go deep with your loved ones on whatever is being called for, Taurus. The Moon will hang out in Scorpio Friday through Saturday, bringing some warm, intimate and healing energy to your area of partnerships and commitments. On Friday, be careful who you share your intimacy with. Don’t share your secrets with just anyone, as they may be used against you. Trust only your most loved and loyal allies. On Saturday, Mercury and Jupiter come into a tense connection, and it may be hard for you to make sense out of what you’re feeling and the things going on in your life. Don’t try to find the meaning, allow it to come in due time. As Sunday begins, the Moon shifts into expansive Sag shining a light in your area of intimacy and sexuality. What will it take to make your mental health a priority? To include well-being into your day-to-day? To put your pleasure at the very center?