Taurus, reconnect with play. This weekend continues the Leo New Moon vibes. We first have the Moon meeting Mercury (planet of communication) in Leo, as well as a Leo sun connecting harmoniously with Jupiter. Taurus, this fiery and inspiring energy invites you into a space of fun and play. It’ll be a powerful time to consciously reconnect with your inner child. Remember how glorious, fun and full of wonder the world used to seem? When we’re all about work and no play, we lose an important part of ourselves. The world becomes monotone, and we close ourselves off from being able to see opportunities. For this reason, having fun is something that you should actively cultivate Taurus. Take the afternoon off, lie on a patch of grass and watch the clouds. It’s all good. Building your dream life is not a race – and it’ll be a much more beautiful journey, if you’re smelling the roses each step of the way.