Taurus, tap into the purpose of your professional pursuits, as the Moon is still in Aquarius on Friday. As the day begins to wind down, the Moon will join forces with Saturn in your area of career. Reflect on all of the progress you’ve made during the past couple of years, and think about how you’d like to keep moving forward. Saturday starts out with the Moon moving into Pisces for the next couple of days, inviting you to let your friends love you. As Mercury enters the heart of the Sun on Saturday afternoon, it’ll be a great time to connect with your neighbors, and with the things that are going on around you. On Sunday, Venus leaves flirty Gemini, and enters warm Cancer until August 11th. You’ll be warmer with the people you meet on an everyday basis. Things may feel especially sweet, but remember to stay centered and close to your foundations, because not everything is always as it seems.