Taurus, it’s time to expand. This weekend carries a pretty intense vibe, with Saturn (the planet of structures, career, authority) squaring the Moon’s nodes (our past and future journeys). This is a time to take a magnifying glass to your experiences, to reverse engineer them with your current understanding. What fears and self-imposed limitations are holding you back from reaching your full potential? An opposition between the moon and Pluto is going to open up a pathway to your subconscious, so answering these kinds of questions will be a little easier. It could be a little uncomfortable (also because we’re in tension with your sign’s axis) –  but awareness is always the first stage of healing. Plus, you don’t have to stay here too long lovely Taurus… as the moon shifts into Leo on Saturday, you’ll likely feel like the burst of confidence you’ve been seeking. You can achieve anything and everything you envision Taurus. Now it’s just a process of removing any doubts around this.