Taurus, you may feel darkness where there tends to be light. It’s not a bad darkness, it’s kind of like being in a womb. Allow yourself to shut down the mind and the need to know. It’s a time to connect with your body, sensations and emotions. There’s a deep process occurring within you, a deep transformation and awakening. It may take time to really feel and know what it’s about. So just be with it, without the need to analyze it. Connect with life’s cyclical nature, bring awareness to how you’re always coming into being, again and again. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus happens at 4:28 pm EST on Saturday, and it falls in your area of self-discovery, life force, body and appearance. In your experience, how do all of these things connect with one another? And how are you currently in relationship with them? It’s time to tap into the inner space from where you can claim these areas of your life, so the circumstances don’t overpower you.