Over the next few days, we have an auspicious planetary shift with Mars coming into harmony with Saturn. We’re nearing the end of this Mercury retrograde, which means themes we’re working with will be reaching their boiling point. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, this will feel like a chance to catch your breath and find your footing again. Taurus, with Mercury having shifted into Virgo, your sector of self-expression is being activated. As a result, you may be noticing tensions around areas where you hold yourself back from speaking your truth and being authentic. Are you sharing your unique and beautiful traits with the world? Or do you tend to stay silent? Observe these answers and then ask yourself if anything needs to change. It’s only when you’re yourself that others can see and love you for who you are – and the opposite can be quite lonely. Either way Taurus, you’re ready to step into the more empowered version of yourself. This is an act of self-love.