Happy Leo New Moon Skymates! Taurus, the archetype of the fiery lion is all about celebrating our individual selves. Your life may not be perfect in all aspects. In fact, it could feel quite the opposite… but either way: you are a divine being, full of (and worthy of) love. That’s a constant – and this moon reminds us of that. Taurus, if you’ve been too harsh on yourself lately, the universe invites you to step back into a space of self-love. You always have your integrity and your big heart, surely that deserves some acknowledgement and appreciation. Because this moon is illuminating your sector of emotional safety, you could be feeling a little vulnerable. Take it slow, breathe and relax. Carrying the weight of the world will only slow you down, so bring it back to yourself. You’re a beautiful person, and your life is evolving to reflect this beauty straight back to you.