Taurus if you had an emotional weekend, this week will bring you back into slightly more objective mental spheres. On Monday, the Moon shifts from your sign into Gemini – evoking not only a more rational orientation, but an influx of new ideas. Pay close attention to any little sparks of inspiration that come through in conversation or thought form, they might just contain answers for you. A harmonious connection between the Moon and Pluto means you could receive some clarity regarding your fears, limiting beliefs and healing journey in general. On Tuesday, your ruling planet (Venus) happily enters the sign of Pisces. Taurus, this a reminder for you, to connect with the more meaningful layers of life. Even if it means using your mortality as a reminder – this transit invites you to evoke gratitude for the many gifts you already possess. Tip: beautifully, by doing so… you’ll open yourself to receiving even more.