Conjunction time Skymates! Taurus, today we have the Moon conjoining Pluto which might just uncover some deep truths. Pluto is the planet of the underworld, the subconscious, the taboo. It’s the place where we drop off our shame, guilt and regret – hoping they will disappear. Reminder: that’s never the case, and transits like these tend to shake them all back up to the surface. Taurus, today you’re being reminded that you can’t be ruled by your emotions. They tend to boil up, and then you start to block them all together. When this happens, you numb yourself and block your connection to spirit. It’s important to healthily acknowledge your feelings… then wait to see the bigger picture before jumping to conclusions. Overthinking, or more specifically, playing out the worst-case scenarios in your head, offers you nothing of value. It detracts from your energy, more than it protects you. Instead, shift your perceptions to the unmovable inner strength you possess – and the ability to adapt to any challenges thrown at you.