Taurus, Today at 8:48am EST, the Sun conjoins Mercury in Aquarius. Time to get weird, and to show off your uniquely beautiful self. Plus with the spotlight (the sun!) on Mercury, mental pursuits, communication and the deconstructive nature of understanding are exemplified. Mercury brings definition to all it touches. This means we’ll be noticing the details, formulas and universal laws that govern each of our lives. Taurus, today you’re being specifically asked to notice the link between ‘play’ and success. There are ideas that creating abundance only involves getting serious, putting your head and enduring whatever horrible hurdles come your way – and this could be true to a less dramatic extent. However, when creating success, the need for passion, fun and creativity is equally valid. Taurus, lately you’ve been less focused on performing practical tasks, and more inclined towards fun. Don’t get mad at yourself for that, go with it! Experiment here by letting your inner child take the lead. You never know what doors might open up.