​​Dear Taurus, right off the bat this week brings lighter vibes, as a Libra moon harmoniously connects with Pluto on Monday. This will be a time to bring healing into your relationships, whatever that means for you. Whether it’s reaching out to an old friend, or finding forgiveness in your own heart – remember that finding gratitude for the depth of love once shared can often be a catalyst for transformation. On Tuesday, Mars (planet of action) will form a tense dialogue with Jupiter, who currently transits your sign. This might feel like you’re being actively held back – but try and reframe these thoughts lovely Taurus. The universe is conspiring in your favor. Perhaps it just takes a little while for all the other pieces to come together. Thursday will feel particularly empowering when it comes to asserting yourself, your needs, and your truth – as Mercury sextiles Jupiter (still in your sign). If you’ve had the same dialogue with someone over and over, without getting through… this might be a day where a new angle presents itself. Be patient, and pay close attention to where (and if) you tend to compromise, at the expense of yourself. The weekend will feel dreamy and intuitive, with the moon forming illuminating connections with both Neptune and Pluto. The vibes: deep and meaningful conversations, poetry, inspiring films and playlists that take you up into space.