KTZ Weekly Horoscope: 2/12 – 2/18

How much have you been resting, hydrating, and resetting, skymate? I’ve been taking a break from writing weekly scopes because I’ve been feeling the draining effects of eclipse season, and I really had to pause and prioritize my physical, mental, and spiritual health. I hope you have been doing the same. But since today, Thursday, February 15th, is the day of the Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius, I felt impelled to write and share what’s going on cosmically with you all. Dive in and enjoy!

You may remember that the first eclipse of 2018 took place on January 31st, and it was a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo. We’ve been feeling the vibes from that passionate energy these past few weeks, and when you combine that eclipse with the one taking place this week, we’ll be adjusting to a new reality for months to come. So what exactly is this new reality?

It’s one where we no longer come up with excuses for why our lives aren’t yet aligned with our desired reality. We acknowledge our roles in co-creating our world, and we take responsibility for the world we’re ready to create. But that begins with having intention and clarity about what our true desires are. That means removing anything from our lives that are draining, distracting, or distorting us from our purpose. This isn’t an easy thing to do. It takes patience, courage, and bold action. But it’s so liberating once you commit to doing this work.

The Leo Eclipse has taught you to ignite your inner child, and make work feel like play. Now, the Aquarius New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse motivates you to create a game plan that you can stick to, especially over the course of these next six months. By August 2018, what will you have manifested? What will you have left behind? This is major evolution underway, and it can be disorienting at times. But when you trust that what’s coming is better than what you’ve left behind, you’re able to create an alternate reality for yourself that feels incredible.

On Friday, February 16th, one day after the Aquarius Solar Eclipse, the Chinese New Year begins, and we enter the Year of the Dog. Then Pisces Season begins this Sunday, February 18th, adding a much more sensitive and romantic tone to the month, and helping us tap into our intuition and imagination more than ever. The Aquarius eclipse will have activated our inner magician, and Pisces Season + The Year of the Dog will inspire us to keep creating and casting spells. What we speak into existence will manifest with greater ease than ever after this eclipse, so be careful what you wish for… it’s very likely that you’ll get it!

Find out what’s in store for your zodiac sign this week:

Aries: This is a time of rebirth when it comes to your social persona. The eclipse invites you to remove all masks and look at yourself in the mirror. Fall in love with who you are. Don’t worry about who “they” expect you to be. You can recreate yourself at any moment, Aries. Use this week’s New Moon to do just that.

Taurus: Your career is transforming itself, and that’s because you are increasingly aligned with your “why”. You’ve simplified your lifestyle, Taurus, or at least you’re in the process of doing so. The more you simplify, the more clarity you begin to have, and the more empowered you become. Use this New Moon to focus on aligning your purpose with your daily actions.

Gemini: Your desire for a new world and a new way of living is stronger than ever, Gemini. In these next 6 months, you may receive an incredible opportunity to relocate, or you may simply take it upon yourself to move or experience something wildly different. This eclipse will help you come up with a structured plan so that you can relish in your desired freedom.

Cancer: As a Moonchild, eclipses always shake up your life a bit more than most, but this one will feel very nourishing in a spiritual sense. You’re learning to be more emotionally detached and less clingy, Cancer. You’re learning to trust yourself first and not always look for answers outside of yourself. This is completely changing your life for the better, even if it also seems to be less predictable or stable. Trust the process.

Leo: This eclipse week activates your partnership sector, Leo. This is a great time to check in with your key relationships. Something major may be on the horizon for you or your family members. A baby, a new relationship, or a change in the status of a relationship are all likely with this eclipse. Welcome whatever change takes place with the knowledge that it’s happening for a reason.

Virgo: This eclipse will enlighten you to times when you’ve put undue pressure on yourself, and it helps you look at your life from a more holistic perspective. Instead of sweating the small stuff, take a look at how much you’ve manifested these past few years. Then focus on how you want to feel six months from now, by the Full Moon in Aquarius. Work your way backwards by eliminating the fluff.

Libra: Your desire to break free from limiting environments and relationships is at an all-time high, Libra. The eclipse will help you do just that. This week, you may leave a job that doesn’t serve you, break up with a partner or frenemy, or realize that your own toxic behavior has been an issue in terms of cultivating deep unions. This eclipse gives you a fresh start and allows you to focus on joyful, enriching connections,.

Scorpio: Your home and family life is going through major changes, and you may have been internalizing so many of those changes, Scorpio. But today’s eclipse is about facing what’s going on, bit by bit. You don’t have to be the savior for everyone and make everything okay from one day to the next. But you should take a deep breath, and accept the transformation happening when it comes to building a foundation. Once you face the truth, it becomes a friend rather than something to fear.

Sagittarius: The way you communicate is being transformed by this eclipse, Sag. You may find that using more of your social platform to enact social change will benefit you, and people will be drawn to you. During Saturn in Sag, you kept some of your best ideas to yourself, but with this week’s eclipse, you’re entering a new phase of your life where you’re opening up more, and it’s liberating you.

Capricorn:  You are changing the way you think about money with this eclipse, Capricorn. You’re not letting it scare you or control you — you’re adopting a more neutral perspective towards it, and not getting too attached or too antagonistic towards it. By viewing money as energy, you’re able to be more aware of your own energetic impulses, and you become a magnet for wealth.

Aquarius: This is your eclipse and New Moon, Aquarius. For the next six months, the Universe will be egging you along as you pave a bold new path and choose to live out your dreams with dedication and consistency. You are no longer tolerating excuses or delayed timelines. The time is now. You know that once you dive into your passions, the path will make itself clear to you. So dive in, and lead the way for humanity.

Pisces: You’ll feel empowered this week, especially since Pisces Season begins this Sunday, February 18th. The days before your birthday season are about reflecting on the 2.0 version of yourself you’re evolving into. Today’s eclipse helps you release pettiness and focus on your passions and power. Nothing can stop you now, Pisces.

Note to all skymates: All skymates should take the time to do a New Moon Ritual, where they welcome in the fresh, innovative, transformative energy of the Aquarius New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse. Envision yourself in vivid detail six months from now. How does it feel to be you? How does it feel to be living your dream life? And what will it take for you to create it? Begin today.

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