The month of November ends and December begins on a mystical, deeply sensitive note, as the Moon is now in Pisces, encouraging us to slow down and engage in soul-searching. Many Scorpios have noticed that ever since last month’s Solar Eclipse New Moon in our sign, our ability to attract what (or who) we want in their lives has dramatically increased. The next step is to now be able to receive and maintain the blessings that have poured into our lives. That begins by having an abundant mindset, and knowing that there’s more where that came from. Pay attention to any lingering insecurities that may be telling you that you have to fiercely hold on to what you manifested. The more tightly you grip onto your blessings, the more likely they are to slip from your fingers. Instead, adopt a more free-spirited and expansive approach, and trust in your capacity to successfully care for your prosperity. The Universe wouldn’t have given it to you if it wasn’t meant for you. Surrender to your abundance.