Happy Pisces New Moon, Scorpio! The rest of this week’s energy is going to be imbued with magical synchronicity everywhere you look. The power of this new moon is all about your inner world. The more you protect your peace by setting healthy boundaries and not taking on other people’s pain or trauma, the more blissful your life becomes. The Moon conjoins with Jupiter in Pisces, activating Scorpio’s sector of true love and creativity. Within these next six months, there’s a high likelihood that Scorpios will be falling more deeply in love with themselves and others. Scorpios will feel a stronger capacity to heal from heartache, and to bounce back wiser, stronger, and with even more of a willingness to give and receive love! This new moon is the key that opens you up to infinite, orgasmic ecstasy in your love life and creativity. To really tap into the energy of the 3/3/2022 ascension portal, watch the visual for my track “Love Mantra” (by @dossevia) and/or stream it on all platforms. Enjoy!