We’re less than a week away from the astro new year, and the Moon’s presence in Capricorn is perfect for feeling more organized, structured, and streamlined in your daily affairs, Scorpio. Even if matters of the heart have taken a fair share of your attention this Pisces Season (due to your sector of fate, true love, and romance being activated by the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune all in Pisces), you’re now reminding yourself of the importance of cultivating balance between work and passion, love and finances, rest and momentum. This is the ideal time to create a game plan for how you want your life to feel like once the astro new year begins. Get specific and let yourself dream in a way that’s connected to the legacy you want to leave in this world. By allowing yourself to dream beyond your current scope, you’re actually paving the path towards getting there. The first step is always the hardest. It’s time to begin, Scorpio. And then keep taking consistent steps up the mountain of your dreams. I have a feeling you’ll absolutely love the view.