As the week begins, Scorpio, we’re at the peak of the dark-of-the-moon period. This represents the period right before a new moon occurs, when our unprocessed pain or inner conflicts come to the surface of our consciousness. We may also be feeling exhausted due to Neptune’s Retrograde in Pisces getting ready to begin on the 28th, which happens to be the day of the Cancer New Moon. This week’s new moon energy will be tied to our past creative, spiritual, and romantic goals. There’s something you’ve been holding off on completing or initiating, perhaps because you know that if you were to push through and commit to doing what must be done, you’d enter a whole new dimension, and you’d fully let go of the previous self you were, and previous lives you lived. It’s normal for you to want to remain in your comfort zone, but there comes a time when the caterpillar has outgrown its cocoon. Accept that the Universe is ready for you to expand beyond belief. Use this healing Cancer New Moon to feel what must be felt and do what must be done.