Welcome to February, Scorpio! The Moon’s in Cancer as the month begins, so your ability to perceive your intuitive desires is even stronger than usual. You won’t be able to lie to yourself or others when it comes to your emotional needs, so it’s best to start the month with a spirit of transparency. If you’ve felt like a certain relationship or friendship has been one-sided, or if some of your needs haven’t been met because they haven’t been expressed, this is an ideal time to clear the air and let people know what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled in the relationship. Since Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow is now clearing, people are likely to hear you out and understand where you’re coming from. But with your ruling planet Mars still in Gemini for several weeks, you’re being asked to put yourself in other people’s shoes. They may be going through situations that are much more complex than what they’re showing you, so don’t be so focused on your own needs that you lose touch with what their needs are too.