The final Mercury Retrograde of 2022 is upon us, Scorpio. On the 29th at 4:32am, Mercury begins its retrograde in Capricorn, and it’ll last until January 18, 2023. This isn’t something to fear, or to worry about. It’s a transit that will help us restructure our lives according to our most important values and missions. If you choose to view Mercury Retrograde as a period of reassessment, release, and recalibration, you’ll end the year feeling open to renewal, and this will help you release the conscious or unconscious pressure you place on yourself to have it all “together”. No one ever has it all together, Scorpio, no matter how much they may appear to. And since Capricorn energy, similarly to Scorpio, tends to have workaholic and perfectionist tendencies, this Mercury Retrograde cycle will force us to accept our flaws, and it’ll force you to slow down and accept that sometimes life has other plans than the ones you mapped out months ago. With this final retrograde of the year, prepare for your life to be realigned in ways beyond your current conception.