Happy Capricorn Season, and happy Jupiter in Aries, Scorpio! These next two days may feel trippy, because Jupiter’s the largest planet of our solar system, and it switched from a Water sign to a Fire sign. At the same time, the Sun leaves the fiery sign of Sag and enters the grounded sign of Capricorn for the next 4 weeks. And the Moon is currently in Sag, so it’s like we’re in a tug of war between the elements. The best way to flow through this solstice is to adopt more of a sense of humor, especially as Mercury Retrograde is approaching and we may experience communication mishaps. Capricorn Season activates Scorpio’s communication sector, and you’re being asked to listen to your intuition even more acutely. The seasons are changing, and so are we, so rather than trying to figure out what’s happening next, we’d benefit from focusing on being present and trusting that life’s flowing exactly as it’s meant to.