Welcome to Virgo Season, Scorpio! At 7:16pm EST today, the Sun shifts out of Leo and enters Virgo for the next 4 weeks. We’ll feel a significant shift in the cosmos as the week begins. You’re coming down from the fiery momentum of Leo season, and you may be feeling the need to ground yourself as you look ahead at what the next four months of 2022 will mean for you. The key is to not isolate yourself during this process, Scorpio. The Moon’s in Cancer on Monday and Tuesday, making you feel ultra sensitive and somewhat reserved. As much as you may have a lengthy to-do list on your mind right now, you also have people who want to love and adore you. If you fill your life with too much busy work, you’ll miss out on the simpler, and richer, pleasures of life. Start off the week by being more mindful of, and more present with, the blessings in your life.