Congrats, Scorpio — you’ve made it through one of the year’s most intense full moons! We’ll continue to feel the energy of this potent lunation for the next few days, so try to keep your schedule chill if you can. Fortunately, the Moon’s in Pisces for most of the wknd, activating Scorpio’s sector of fate and true love. You may have a significant awakening about what you want in your love life. Perhaps you’ll want to try out celibacy. Perhaps you’ll want to forgive your ex(es) or be forgiven by them. Perhaps you’ll feel ready to admit your true feelings to someone you absolutely adore. Whatever comes up for you, trust it. You are highly attuned to the frequencies of the world, and of your soul, and you’d be doing yourself and the world a disservice if you hide from your own truth. This is the weekend where everything changes because you hear and see yourself so clearly, and you’re ready to commit to the next level of your ascension.