Scorpio, the Moon’s in Taurus on Monday and then shifts into Gemini on Tuesday. The start of the week is about connection and communication. There may be people who think you’re mad at them or ignoring them, but really you’ve been in your own world, integrating the new moon downloads that you’ve been feeling. You’ll continue to feel that way on Monday, but by Tuesday you’ll come out of your Scorpio shell and feel more social and extroverted again, especially since Venus will have entered Pisces! It’ll be a good time to clear the air and let those you love know that you’re still there for them. The start of the week may feel emotionally-charged at first, but once you make room for the feelings to flow through you, you’ll notice that they lead to a major breakthrough in your social life. You’re noticing the friends and current/potential lover(s) who’ve been patiently waiting for you, and that will make you feel quite special, and deeply loved.