We are getting closer to the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, and as the month ends you may be feeling the urge to slow down and assess your current journey. Resist the urge to put too much on your plate right now, Scorpio. Your spirit wants you to do less, so you can hear it more. The Moon’s in Aries these next two days though, so it may be easier said than done. The Aries Moon and Taurus Sun will have you thinking that you have to be ultra productive in order for your days to be meaningful. Try to channel that energy into spending time outdoors and being physically active, either through working out, having sex, or having a hiking adventure. As you move your body and tap into the power of nature, you’ll release stress and attract happy endorphins. This is a profound period of purging, and it’s also the dark-of-the-moon period, so sweat out the excess energy that weighs you down. It may also be a great time for a temporary social media detox. Try limiting how much screen time you have so you can prepare for the awakening energy of this weekend’s solar eclipse new moon!