The Moon’s in Pisces on Monday and Tuesday, and this significantly lightens up the mood after tbe more serious and practical weekend we experienced. Scorpio, the start of the week is likely to feel dreamy, sentimental, and romantic for you. You’re in your feels, and you can’t deny what you’re feeling. The next step is opening up to whomever is making you feel this way, and being brave enough to fully show up with them, as you are. The right people will love your weirdness, your intensity, and your depth, so your mission is to dare to be vulnerable with the right people, and they’ll be vulnerable with you too. This week is likely to be one of the most life-changing weeks of your life, Scorpio. And it all depends on your capacity to fully show up as you are, and admit what you really feel, with ease and an open heart. Trust yourself and your magic, my love.