Scorpio, the Moon’s in Leo all day on Monday, and then shifts into Virgo on Tuesday. The North Node in Taurus squares off with Saturn in Aquarius on Monday, potentially making us feel restless about our relationships and our long-term goals. Let yourself feel restless — start journaling the different thoughts and feelings you have. There’s a breakthrough that awaits. Perhaps you aren’t doing exactly what your soul wants you to be doing right now, and with some honest self-evaluation you’ll figure out what your next step must be. On Tuesday, Jupiter and Neptune align in the sign of Pisces, and this planetary conjunction is one of the most harmonious and loving transits of the month, and even the year. As the week begins, your mission is to allow yourself to dream bigger than you have before. Let yourself be as grandiose as your heart desires. With Jupiter being the Planet of Abundance, and Neptune being the Planet of Fantasy, your imagination is the key to your manifestations. Let your imagination lead the way, and remove yourself from naysayers who may be intimidated by how brightly you shine.