Scorpio, this weekend, Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, begins its four-month retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, and this activates our sector of roots and domestic affairs. Think back to where you were this time last year when Saturn was also retrograde in Aquarius — similar themes may now be emerging. You may be in the mood to slow down and nest, especially since Mars is completing its final stretch in the homebody sign of Cancer. You may be thinking about your family lineage, as well as the legacy you’d like to leave in the world. This weekend you may find yourself looking through family archives or planning a trip back to your ancestral home, or somewhere that makes you feel most at home. This would also be a good time to release objects in your home that no longer are useful or appealing. You’re shedding the dead skin this retrograde and eclipse season, Scorpio, while also peacefully releasing connections that you’ve outgrown. You’re remembering who you are, and you’re letting go of burdens. You’re free now.