The Moon is void in Taurus for the first half of Saturday, which means that it’s best to mellow out with loved ones rather than initiate anything new, Scorpio. As we approach the final full moon of the year — a Cancer Full Moon that will activate Scorpio’s sector of expansion and learning on Dec 29th — you may be feeling more sleepy, sensitive, and moody. Honor all of these emotions. It’s been a life-changing year and we’re now being offered an opportunity to release any pent-up emotions and set ourselves free. On Sunday, the Gemini Moon encourages playfulness, adventure, and an attention to our financial well-being. If you decide to start treating money as your friend, it’s going to be more attracted to you, Scorpio. It’s as simple as that. Find ways to acknowledge and transform any mental blockages you may have regarding wealth-building. It’s time to re-write your money story, and have fun while doing so!