With the Moon starting off in Scorpio on Saturday, this 12/12/2020 ascension portal weekend is bound to feel steamy, magnetic and filled with mysterious energy. The portal also coincides with Venus’ final days in our sign, imbuing us with great sensitivity and heightened sex appeal. Your ability to get what (or who) you want this weekend deepens, but make sure to use your powers of persuasion wisely and not succumb to manipulative techniques under the dark-of-the-moon. On Sunday, the Moon is in Sagittarius in preparation for the magical lunar eclipse New Moon taking place on Monday. You may feel more optimistic about the final stretch of 2020, but there may be a few nagging thoughts that you have to face to truly embrace the magic of the upcoming new moon. Spend time Sunday in reflection about what you may be feeling unsure of. Once you face your fears head-on, they suddenly don’t seem as scary.