This weekend the Leo Moon and Scorpio Sun will continue to encourage you to take courageous leaps of faith, Scorpio. It’s your season, and your sector of reputation and success is activated by the Moon in Leo. What would you do, and who would you pursue, if fear didn’t hold you back? There have been truths you’ve been ready to unleash, and to hear, and this weekend provides you with the ideal opportunity to let your thoughts be heard. The key is to not let your ego or pride get in the way of fully expressing yourself or listening to others. Now that Mercury is direct in Libra,  your ability to let feelings flow without judgment is deepening, and this can make your love and social life very interesting. Trust that the Universe knows what you want deep down, even if you’re still figuring it out day by day. And it will bring you what you want, simply because you’re opening yourself up to receive it.