Scorpio, the Moon’s in Taurus on Friday, encouraging you to mellow out and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Then it shifts into Gemini Saturday, and the combination of the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Gemini will bring a yin and yang type of vibe into your life. A part of you will feel ultra sensitive to everyone and everything, and another part of you will feel emotionally detached from everyone and everything. Accept your own contrasts, dualities, and contradictions, Scorpio. Once you do, it’ll make it easier for you to have empathy for when people seem to not make any sense at all. This wknd is ideal for making sense of your own little corner of the world. We’re approaching the dark-of-the-moon period, as there will be a Cancer New Moon on the 28th. Check in with yourself and make sure that what you’re repeatedly giving your time and attention to is aligned with how you want to be living life on Earth. You can start over and switch paths whenever you feel called. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself.