Scorpio, eclipse season has officially begun. On Saturday, April 30, we’ll experience a partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus, and this activates our partnership sector. This Friday, April 29 is the peak of the dark-of-the-moon period, so it’s advised to remain mellow, grounded, hydrated, and in your own peaceful world as the weekend begins. Then on Saturday, get ready for powerfully transformative emotions to be felt as the solar eclipse enlightens you to new ways of giving and receiving love. If you were previously ridden by self-doubt, insecurities, resentment, jealousy, or possessiveness in your current or past partnerships, this eclipse encourages you to channel your passion in more constructive outlets. It’s okay to love so deeply and profoundly, Scorpio. Just don’t get overwhelmed by such sensations. You don’t have to set new moon intentions during this eclipse portal, but it could be beneficial to create a vision board or musical playlist which reflects the type of lover and friend you want to be, and the type of lover(s) and friend(s) you want to attract. By the time the lunar eclipse in our sign occurs on May 16, you may already notice that your relationship(s) with yourself and others have significantly improved. Have a magical eclipse weekend!