Chiron in Aries Part I: Heal Your Inner Wounds


For Aries Sun, Moon, Rising and Mars skymates who have been going through a spiritual and emotional transformation since Chiron entered Aries in 2018, Part 1 of KTZ’s Chiron in Aries series of forecasts will help break down what Chiron in Aries’ transit is all about, and how it’s here to help you deepen your relationship with self, while overcoming past wounds. While healing seemed like it took forever prior to 2018, now the process of transmuting trauma into freedom is quickening. Chiron’s an asteroid in our solar system known as the “Wounded Healer”. It’s just as important as the main planetary influences we often study in our chart. This 23-page forecast will help guide you as you look back on the challenges you may have silently faced these past 2 years, and it will give you insights on what the next 2 years of Chiron in Aries has in store as well. All orders are delivered digitally as a PDF immediately after purchase. They include stunning graphics designed by KTZ astrologer Emily Wills. This forecast was co-written with love by Emily and KTZ founder Dossé-Via. Enjoy!


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