Key Themes: future goals, reaping, domestic environment, emotional responsibility

Scorpio, while you’re in the process of reaping the rewards of your efforts, the month of August also encourages you to renew your priorities and think about what’s next.

On August 4th, Mercury, the planet of Communication, enters earthy Virgo activating Scorpio’s sector of friendships and future goals until August 25th. With Mercury in Virgo, your mind becomes rewired to receive detailed transmissions for future growth and practical steps on your journey of self-becoming.

Venus enters expressive Leo on August 11th, and as the Planet of Love, Beauty and Connection activates Scorpio’s sector of career and reputation until September 5th, it’s an ideal time for reaping rewards and allowing yourself to receive praise and admiration from your co-workers and community members.

The lunar cycle culminates on August 11th with the Super Full Moon in rebellious Aquarius, illuminating Scorpio’s sector of home and family. While you’ve been focused on career goals and future growth, this Full Moon demands that you pay attention to your personal life. As this Full Moon conjoins with reality-facing Saturn, it challenges you to take responsibility of your emotions and to set appropriate boundaries in your domestic environment. This Full Moon also forms a conflicting square to Mars in Taurus, your opposing sign, and issues surrounding relationship norms inherented from family may surface around this time.

On August 20th, your ruling planet Mars enters open-minded Gemini, highlighting Scorpio’s sector of death, sex and shared resources until November 23rd. Mars in Gemini welcomes you to get curious about your sexual instincts, to try something new in matters of intimacy, and to diversify your joint assets. While you may be inclined to fiercely communicate your desires during this Mars in Gemini transit, Scorpio, be aware of unconscious projections and defensiveness, and consider this an opportunity to learn about tender areas for healing.

On August 22nd, the Sun enters earthy Virgo, lighting Scorpio’s sector of friendships and future goals until September 22nd. Welcome to Virgo season! Emphasizing your natural transformative powers, Virgo season is ripe for organizing your life toward a sense of future direction, perhaps through purposeful skills and aligned networking.

On August 24th through the rest of 2022, Uranus turns retrograde in sensual Taurus, your opposing sign, providing space to reflect on any wake-up calls for liberation that have stirred up your sector of relationships. The next day on August 25th, the circuits of the mind and communication take a graceful elevation as Mercury enters Libra, activating Scorpio’s sector of spirituality and healing until September 23rd. Mercury in Libra compels you to cultivate mental serenity as you practice communing with higher levels of consciousness.

The month ends with the New Moon in Virgo on August 27th, renewing Scorpio’s sector of friendships and future goals. Your mission with the Virgo New Moon is to visualize your ideal future and to realistically analyze what’s currently happening. Use this New Moon portal to prune, purify and enhance the manifestation of your goals, paying particular attention to renewing your priorities and social alliances.