Scorpio, the New Moon in your sign on the 4th is a reminder that the seeds you plant have the potential to grow big and strong. Trust in yourself, in your will and your strength. Venus and Mercury both shift energy on the 5th. Venus entering Capricorn will have you finding just the right kind of expressions to woo your beloved. With Mercury entering Scorpio you’ll feel more in your element. All the fog will clear up and your mind will be brighter. On the 19th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will shine a light on the need for renewal in your intimate relationships. We are constantly updating, and so should the ways in which we connect. Expansive Sag will be swooping in at the end of the month through the Sun and Mercury. The less you invest in what doesn’t serve you, the more energy you’ll have for what does. Honor your resources.


I’m opening up to new ways to love and create commitment in relationship. I allow change to be a constant. No past version of me is left out when I renew myself. I recognize how all that I’ve been and all the steps I’ve taken have brought me to where I am now.