The Lunar New Year happens on the 1st, marked by the first Aquarius New Moon of the year. The Ox gives way to the Tiger. Where we’ve had to put all of our focus into only one direction, things will expand. The Tiger wants us to follow our intuition and take bold risks. Scorpio, this New Moon will bring more sacredness into the spaces you inhabit. Give yourself all the rest you need. Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, and you’ll be able to think and express yourself more clearly. You may revisit misunderstandings that came up during the retrograde period. It then enters Aquarius on the 14th, making it easier to face pending conversations with your family. The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th, shines a light on how far you’ve come professionally in the past 6 months. How would you like to move forward? When Venus and Mars join forces they inspire you to be passionate about your ideas, and even flirty with them. Come Pisces Season on the 18th, you’ll be in the mood to activate your love life.