Today Venus in Cancer squares off with our ruler Mars, which is in Aries. You may be tempted to immediately react to what’s someone doing or saying — don’t. Take a breather, Scorpio. It’s simply not that serious. Venus square Mars tends to amplify situations in our love or social lives and make us think they’re a bigger deal than they actually are. The Moon’s also in Aries today, making it a day that’s more about putting your own needs first, unapologetically. Just make sure your pride or ego takes a seat and doesn’t get you into trouble… We’re still feeling the vibes of the sensitive Pisces Full Moon, helping us acknowledge wounds or past trauma that we’re ready to heal or release. With that in mind, be kinder to yourself and others. We’re all going through battles that we hardly let anyone know of. And maybe that’s what we need to remember. We’re not alone, and intentional human connection — even with its awkward moments and frustrations — can heal us all.