As we approach the dark of the moon period, Scorpio, you’ll be exploring your shadow side and unearthing some deep truths regarding mental or spiritual blockages you may have felt recently. Even if your life is full of blessings, it’s okay and healthy to also acknowledge the challenges, the hardships, and the lonelier part of the journey that most people don’t see. As a Scorpio, you tend to internalize your own metamorphosis and evolution, and you try to avoid sharing your problems with others, so as to not be a burden to them. But did you ever stop and consider that burying your needs within yourself rather than setting them free may lead to you being more of a burden to yourself? Today you may decide that it’s time to shift the frequency. We’re two days away from Mercury’s retrograde in our sign, and this insightful transit will help us face what must be faced and do what must be done.