The month of March is coming to an end, and the Cancer Moon may make us more sensitive and nostalgic today. We may be thinking of simpler times, or moments when we didn’t have to live in such uncertainty. Allow yourself to feel the feels — trying to rush past them will only cause them to be amplified and harder to digest. Understand that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and while March 2020 was the ultimate mindf*ck, the key to thriving in April has mostly to do with our mindset. Spend this final day of March creating safe spaces in your mind, be it through meditation, breathing exercises, cleaning your home, clearing out your inbox, or venting to your therapist or best friend. Let out your angst, your fears, your resentments. Choose to live in a more grounded way, and take things breath by breath. Life may be full of unknowns, but you can control how you react to those unknowns. Love yourself through the chaos, Scorpio.