Happy Cancer New Moon, Scorpios! Today at 9:16pm EST, we enter a new portal. One where reality and fantasy submerge into one, and we no longer limit ourselves from fully experiencing life. We are reborn in ways that can’t truly be explained in words — they can only be felt. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, this particular lunation hits different for us, fam. It helps us see ourselves in a more compassionate, expansive, loving, intuitive and dreamy way, particularly since Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is spending its final 2.5 weeks in Pisces. What’s interesting is that there are currently no planets in Scorpio, but many planets are in our fellow Water Signs, which means our usual Scorpio armor is falling and we’re deepening the way we trust ourselves, while opening up to life in ways we previously would’ve shied away from. These next six months will be the most magical months you’ve experienced in over a decade, Scorpio. And it all begins with the new moon intentions you decide to set, when you feel ready. I love this for you!