Scorpio, we’ve made it to yet another eclipse week — but this time it’s a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini that’s about to take place — and you may be feeling like you’ve had enough of all the cosmic lessons you’ve been learning since the Sag lunar eclipse occured on May 26. Hang in there, because this week’s solar eclipse will feel much lighter and more positive than the lunar eclipse did. You may feel pulled in several directions as the Gemini Sun activates your sector of outside resources, leading to several potential or current collaborators vying for your attention. But today’s Taurus Moon will keep you grounded, structured, and steady, allowing you to complete key tasks in a step by step way so that you can make room for the blessings ready to enter your life. You’re doing an amazing job navigating this period of unforeseen change, so keep trusting yourself, Scorpio.