The Pisces Moon conjoins with Neptune in Pisces on this final day of the month, and this can lead to you getting lost in daydreams today, Scorpio. You’re focused on finding ways to invite more freedom, play, adventure and romance into your life, and it all begins by giving yourself permission to receive and emit that energy. Release the urge to be practical or ultra productive today. Simply observe the emotions that are coming up for you, make eye contact with people who truly see you, or spend time in nature. This final day of the month can feel liberating and whimsical if you allow yourself to surrender to the possibilities of creation, even if you’re simultaneously in an abyss of unknown paths. By tomorrow, the Aries Moon will have lit a fire under you and you’ll be up and running again. Enjoy these mellow and soothing Pisces Moon vibes as you indulge in your own wonderland.