The Moon hangs out in Pisces all day, and while some people may think this can lead to Scorpios completely letting down their guards and having no boundaries in our relationships, people may be surprised to see how much this Pisces energy, when combined with the fact that both Venus and Mars are in Leo, leads to you being wilder and more dangerous than ever, Scorpio. There may be people in your life who have attempted to take advantage of you, your generosity, and your kindness. But today’s vibes will lead to you putting your foot down and saying enough is enough. They’re about to see a side of you that rarely comes out, and it has no mercy. Whether you make your point in a super direct way or you choose to use a more subtle approach, please trust your instincts when it comes to removing unhealthy energy from your life and making room for uplifting beings who know your worth. The day ends with a pleasant connection between the Pisces Moon and Uranus in Taurus, and you’ll feel incredibly proud of yourself for being so aligned with your truth. You did that, Scorpio!